Case study


Brand Story

WrickD™ is an Indian brand selling apparel products. They’re in business since 2015 and were not very well known. They contacted us when their Facebook Ads efforts started to stale at around 30k monthly spend.


They knew they were in the super competitive market so their expectations were also reasonable, they just wanted to be profitable when we start scaling, no determined ROI.


Competitive Market, everyone wanting to own a clothing brand, and India was still completely untested when it came to our agency. We never onboarded any Indian brand till now.


Since it was a new market for us geographically we decided to move forward with the good old-fashioned strategy to see if it still worked where eCommerce has just started to emerge.

We got ready with the creatives that we created in-house and started segmenting them as per our strategy.

We started with 2 campaigns,

1). Prospecting (for acquiring new customers)
2). Re-marketing DPA (people who already visited the website but didn’t purchase)

As we were assigned only $9k to spend monthly, we thought it was a really small budget but one thing that we forgot that in India the advertising costs were super low and that was like spending $50k in the US.

We started with ABO for the prospecting campaign and CBO for our remarketing campaign as always.

For scaling when things started to perform, we scaled vertically with the original ABO instead of doing it with a CBO like usual.

We scaled this brand from 0 to 500k within a week with 12x ROI on Facebook.