Case study


Brand Story

Over the past 4 years, wintage began in India by starting to sell traditional indian men apparel on amazon and they are currently doing 7-figures annually on Amazon.


After selling on amazon and realizing that they didn’t have any control of their customers and amazon didn’t provide them much data when they needed to advertise using other channels. So they decided to begin the process of moving independently on their own website and selling from there too. They tried running Facebook ads by themselves but failed miserably. In the end, they tried hiring top tier agencies in India but no results. They reached out to us when our founder was freelancing and didn’t have any team. They reached out to him when he was well known alone in the industry and starting with a $5k/month budget. The goal was to become profitable with 4 ROAS as returns were really high in India for this market.


The main challenge was that they didn’t have many SKUs and their creatives were not on point. The other challenge was that we started with no proper data. All cold not knowing what’s gonna work.


When I was dropshipping (the founder) this brand was my first indian client so I didn’t really know what to do next. As I had good experience in Facebook because I was already doing it for myself, I was a little bit confident. I applied the same strategies that I used to dropship from china and it didn’t work. I was losing client’s money and was really tensed in the beginning.

After that, I saw that when we started back in 2019, the client was already running DPA ads that I got to know about for the first time in my career in Facebook. I thought that through but I didn’t have any SOPs back then for creating a strategy but I had this love for the game. Without having a proper plan I duplicated the catalog ad that was performing in a cold prospecting campaign with a smaller budget hoping that it would work.

The next day just the cold campaign got us around 9 ROAS with a $200 spend which was kind of a relief for me.

After that, we started scaling everything using CBOs. It was working so we didn’t care about organizing stuff and naming conventions which nowadays we do.

Within 2 months we reached our first revenue mark of $100k/month profitably.

Today we have retained this client for more than a year and a half.