Running Ads For A Fashion Brand

If you’re passionate about launching your own fashion brand but don’t really know if you’ll ever be able to grow it or be successful with it in order to be able to do what you really are passionate about doing in your life.

Today I am gonna tell you the important things about running and growing a Fashion brand and you might ask me that how am I authorized to say all those things. I have 2 of my apparel brands running currently as I am writing down this article for you plus I have been able to help a lot of Fashion and Apparel brands with their marketing with my agency.

So now let’s get to the important points about being able to replicate the same as I did with mine and other brands.

The most important thing when it comes to the marketing of not just any fashion brand but for any brand is how creatively you present your brand and how good are you in adding a unique touch to your brand and make it stand out from the crowd.

Specifically, in running and getting results with your ads for your brand is gonna be tough because it is a very competitive market but I’m not saying it’s impossible cause I was able to do it, you will too.

Figure out your purpose behind launching this brand, is it because you need money, then I’d say don’t start in this industry because there are lots of easy ways than this to do that.

Make sure you have enough capital in order to fuel your brand for the next 3-6 months even if you are super profitable, you’ll need to maintain an inventory of at least 2 months ahead. Cash is the king of any business.

Marketing budget depends on the geography of your brand if it’s in any of the first world countries then you better at least have around $10k to test everything properly. If it’s in a third world country like India, you don’t need that much for testing everything properly, 200k INR would do.

Enough of this basic yet important stuff, let’s get into the procedure of what it’s like when we launch a brand using paid traffic on Facebook & Instagram.

As I said, you should be focussed on the creatives more than anything because that’s how people would be able to relate and react to your ads.

For example, let’s say you have an idea of launching a brand initially with Sweatshirts and Hoodies, you should be focussed on the designs because of course, no one is going to buy your plain clothes.

The more unique your design, the better you can price it. The world around apparel works around the designs of the products itself, but I didn’t say you shouldn’t be focussed on the quality itself, you should be but prioritize the uniqueness of it first.

Now let’s say you have a collection ready and you are in the phase of your first launch, well congratulations but don’t start yet. Have as many options available in your catalog because you wouldn’t be able to test with just a couple of products unless the world hasn’t seen it. Give options to your visitors.

Let’s say you have done this too, now it’s the time to launch this baby of yours. I won’t go into the basics about advertising on Facebook as you can even learn it on Youtube if you haven’t yet.

Always start with a conversion campaign if your end goal is to sell your products. Now to test, create 3-4 different variations of ads, for example, a video of your products if you already have one, a slideshow, still image, and a carousel (this variation works the best for me but it might be different for you)

The budgeting of your ads depends on your product price and geography but if in India, I’d start with at least 5,000 INR per day to test the collection out in 24 hours itself. If international, start with $100 USD/day total budget but you wouldn’t be able to test it out in 24 hours in this case because it’s a developed market and it takes time to even show some hope here, but again whatever I talked about earlier in this article is all according to this so just follow along and you will be fine.

I have started using CBOs also for testing by assigning maximum limits to the adsets inside so that those performs as an ABO and simultaneously leverage the algorithm that works along with a CBO. I usually test with my universal testing strategy only.

Now after that you set up everything, use broad audiences and 3-4 creatives publish your ads and don’t open your ads manager until it hits 00:00 the next day (always schedule/publish your ads a little later than midnight).

Now analyze your results, and move forward.

After testing your products, see if you can scale that above and beyond with Facebook & Instagram only before switching to any other channel because you don’t need it unless you’re pulling 6 figures a month.

In the beginning, you will incur some losses but if it works out you’ll be happy forever.


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