Case study

Iron Sarms

Brand Story

Iron Sarms came to us at the very early stages of their growth. They were making only $400 per month. They trusted us with their money to scale and within just 2 weeks we scaled upwards of $700/day in ad spend with 6.5x ROI.


Having the breakeven point of 2.5 ROAS, they needed to be profitable on scale.


Since supplements and sarms being a controversial topic in Australia, we thought this brand was only gonna last with us for our trial period as they had worked with a lot of other agencies before but no one was able to get them the results they wanted so we kind of underestimated ourselves too. They also didn’t have any ideas about the creatives and only used stock photos till now.


We began with $200/day budget with our good old strategy and got some creatives done with our team.

We started with,

1). Prospecting
2). Remarketing

In the first two weeks of testing, we kind of bleed money, the CPP was getting higher and higher and we were getting like 0.5 ROAS which was terrible and super unprofitable.

After that we analyzed all of the reviews and comment we were getting from our ads, we decided to offer a huge discount or a free product to our old customers for a video review. No one was ready for to provide a review but finally after a few days we found someone who would. He recorded the video with his half face cut off but still we edited it and decided to use it.

It worked wonders, the ROAS skyrocketed from 0 to 7 and we were consistently getting it on a huge daily spend.

We then developed a long term contract with this brand and they also partnered with us with their two other supplement brands called Bear-Supplements & Aus Gainz.